A lot was planned for this year – Corona has put a real crimp in our plans (as well as in the plans of many others). But the project has not been shelved because of this, it’s only running with the handbrake on. The biggest problem for DigiTrolley™ is that there’s nothing comparable on the market. That’s why it has to be demonstrated, but fairs and exhibitions are currently largely cancelled due to the pandemic.

Assembled decoder

Manually assembled decoder (pre-series)

After all, our project has reached an important milestone with the development of the special decoder. Three manually assembled copies have just been sent to the developer for the release of serial production.

  • Operation on DCC 8 to 16 Volt
  • Motor output 3 Volt, max. 500 mA
  • 8 function outputs each max. 10 mA
  • Optionally with backup capacitor 330 µF
  • Additional backup capacitors may optionally be connected
  • Dimensions: 21 x 15 mm, height 3.5 / 5.6 mm (without / with backup capacitor)

Even though the board is still solderable manually for experienced electronic freaks (the smallest components have 0603 cases), the decoder will definitely not be available as a kit.