Important semiconductor not available

The availability crisis of semiconductors is also affecting the Digi-Trolley™ project. An important component of the decoder, the voltage regulator, is not available until further notice, and there is no replacement type for this very innovative component. The...

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The decoder has arrived!

A lot was planned for this year - Corona has put a real crimp in our plans (as well as in the plans of many others). But the project has not been shelved because of this, it's only running with the handbrake on. The biggest problem for DigiTrolley™ is that there's...

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Hello World

Welcome to the project page for the DigiTrolley™ digital trolleybus. After the project had already been announced for 2016, it is finally getting started. This website is constantly expanding and I will hopefully keep you up to date with this blog. Suggestions and...

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