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When will Digi-Trolley be available?

Market launch was scheduled for early 2016. Unfortunately, due to severe difficulties in the production of peripherals, there is a delay by some years. Right now, we hope to be able to show a running model by the end of 2019.

Category: Designs
Where do I get a pricelist or item list?

Currently neither pricelists nor item lists are available.

Category: Designs
I would like to add a trolley bus to my model railroad as an eye-catcher, but I am afraid of the expense of a complete installation. Do you have any solution?

In addition to operational models, illuminated standing models will be offered. The power supply for the interior lights, driving lights and direction indicators is realized through the overhead line - just as in the operational models.

These standing models have no engine and no electronics and are therefore considerably less expensive than full-featured models. These models are also well suited for crowding a trolley bus depot.

Category: Designs
Which digital protocols are supported by Digi-Trolley?

Digi-Trolley supports the Motorola protocol as well as DCC.

Category: Electronics
What kind of electric versions are there for the Digi-Trolley?

Both a digital and an analogue design are planned.

The analogue version is powered by 16 V AC or DC. The digital version supports the Motorola protocol as well as DCC.

I want to convert a trolley bus model by myself. Is that possible?

All components that are necessary for the operation of the Digi-Trolley are available as individual parts.

Category: Designs
Will there be a Digi-Trolley for other scales than 00?

Currently only 00 models are planned.

Category: Designs
Are there decoupling capacitors for Digi-Trolley?

To optimize the power supply and to ensure the most quiet and smooth ride, Digi-Trolley is supplied with 'anti flicker capacitors' by default. If these components don't do a job good enough, you may add additional capacitors yourself (depending on the available space in the model). Be aware, however: If the overall capacity of these parts is too high, other components may be damaged.

Category: Electronics
What is the difference between an electronic controller and a driving decoder?

In an analogue system, the controller is responsible for constant brightness. Once adjusted, its impact during operation can no longer be changed. The speed of the model is controlled independently of this electronics via a joystick box outside the model.

In a digital system, a driving decoder controls the driving speed as well as other additional functions, like switching sth. on or off (eg direction indicators), dimming sth. (eg interior lighting) or volume controlling (moving vehicle).

Category: Electronics
What is the electronic controller for?

In an analogue environment, the electronics is responsible for a constant brightness even at low voltages.

Category: Electronics
May masts and wires of the vintage Eheim-/Brawa system be used with Digi-Trolley?

In general, Digi-Trolley's steering system is completely different from the vintage Eheim-/Brawa models. Digi-Trolley cannot be operated without a wire in the roadway. If you intend to use Digi-Trolley with an existing trolley installation, this wire guide must be retrofitted in any case.

The dimensions of the Eheim-/Brawa overhead lines are considerably different from those of the Digi-Trolley, so a combined operation is impossible. While in principle - with some craftmanship - it should be possible to adjust the pantograph to the vintage catenary, this is neither recommended by us nor will it be supported in any way.

Category: Designs, Power supply
Can I replace the 'anti flicker capacitor' by a Goldcap type?

The built-in charging current limiter would make charging a Goldcap last far too long. The component would lose the desired effect.

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