In general, Digi-Trolley™’s steering system is completely different from the vintage Eheim-/Brawa models. Digi-Trolley™ cannot be operated without a wire in the roadway.
The dimensions of the Eheim-/Brawa overhead lines are considerably different from those of the Digi-Trolley™, so a combined operation is impossible.

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Currently only 00 models are planned.

Category: Models

Both a digital and an analogue design are planned.
The analogue version is powered by 16 V AC or DC. The digital version supports only DCC.

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In addition to operational models, illuminated non-functional models will be offered. The power supply for the interior lights, driving lights and direction indicators is realized through the overhead line – just as in the operational models.
These standing models have no engine and no electronics and are therefore considerably less expensive than full-featured models. These models are also well suited for crowding a trolley bus depot.

Category: Models